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Mesobook is a helpful resource for people with mesothelioma to organize their care. It’s a journal made especially for people dealing with mesothelioma, with sections for recording vital data about the disease and its treatment.

What is Mesobook?

Mesobook is a specialized notebook designed to help people with mesothelioma to keep track of their treatment-related information, such as doctor’s visits, medications, symptoms, and more. The notebook is meant to encourage patients to take charge of their health and treatment.

How to get started with Mesobook

Mesobook’s onboarding process is simple. Obtaining a copy of the notebook is the initial step. It only takes a few days for Mesobook to arrive after being ordered online or over the phone. Now that you have Mesobook in your possession, you can begin using it.

Overview of the Mesobook 

Each section of the Mesobook notebook is tailored to assist mesothelioma patients in handling their care more efficiently and effectively. These are the various parts:

This section introduces the Mesobook notebook and explains how to use it.

  • Contacts: Patients can keep track of their healthcare providers, insurance details, and emergency contacts in the “Contacts” section.
  • Appointments: patients can record information about their medical appointments, such as when they are scheduled, where they will be going, and what they will be discussing with their doctor.
  • Treatment Plan: patients can record information about their treatment plan, such as the drugs they are taking, how much of each drug they are taking, and any adverse reactions they may be experiencing.
  • Symptoms: Patients can record the onset, duration, and intensity of any symptoms they’re experiencing.
  • Notes: Patients can use the notes section to keep track of pertinent information about their care, including questions they want to ask their doctors and observations they want to make during their visits.
  • Resources: Support groups, advocacy organizations, and websites with additional mesothelioma information are just some of the resources listed in this section.

Mesobook Layout and Organization

Understanding the layout of the Mesobook notebook

The Mesobook notebook is made to be simple and straightforward to use. The pages are organized in a sensible fashion, and the various sections are labeled clearly. Patients can modify the notebook by adding or removing pages as needed.

Tips for organizing your Mesobook notebook

Using dividers or tabs to differentiate sections is a great way to keep your Mesobook notebook organized. Finding what you’re looking for faster may be facilitated by this. Color coding is another useful tool for keeping yourself organized. You could use different colored pens for recording appointments, symptoms, and medications, for instance.

Using color coding to stay organized

Color coding can be a useful organizational tool for mesothelioma patients. You can use color coding to keep track of various categories, such as doctor’s visits, medications, and symptoms. Using this method, you should have less trouble tracking down the data you require.

Using Mesobook to Manage Your Mesothelioma Care

Tracking appointments and treatments

The ability to keep track of medical appointments and treatments is one of Mesobook’s most useful functions. Patients can monitor their health care and adhere to their treatment plans by keeping track of this data.

Keeping a log of symptoms

Patients with mesothelioma may experience a wide variety of symptoms, including chest pain, shortness of breath, and extreme fatigue. Patients can gain insight into the course of their symptoms by keeping a log and discussing it with their doctors.

Monitoring medications and side effects

Patients with mesothelioma may require a combination of treatments to alleviate their symptoms and side effects. Patients can keep track of their medications and any adverse effects they experience by entering this data into Mesobook.

Important contacts

Patients with mesothelioma may have to coordinate care between oncologists, surgeons, and nurses. Mesobook makes it simple for patients to organise their networks and quickly access the information they need.

Storing important documents and test results

Mesobook acts as a repository for vital information like medical records and lab results. Patients who are seeing more than one doctor may benefit greatly from this.

Tips for Using Mesobook

Always have your Mesobook in hand.

Keep your Mesobook handy at all times so that you can jot down notes whenever inspiration strikes. This can be especially helpful in medical settings, such as doctor’s offices or while experiencing symptoms.

Updating your Mesobook regularly

It’s important to update your Mesobook regularly to ensure that the information is accurate and up-to-date. Keeping track of your medical needs in this way can help you get the attention you deserve.

Mesobook is a great way to share information with your doctors. Mesobook makes it simple to communicate with your healthcare team about your symptoms, medications, and scheduled appointments.

Taking advantage of the resource section

Mesobook includes a list of useful resources in its resource section to assist those dealing with mesothelioma. Patients can gain knowledge about the illness and emotional support by making use of these tools.


In conclusion, Mesobook is a helpful resource for patients with mesothelioma to better organise their care. Mesobook can assist you in keeping track of your mesothelioma-related information, communicating better with your healthcare team, and taking an active role in managing your care by providing a single, convenient location for this data. Mesobook can help you better manage your mesothelioma treatment and improve your quality of life if you follow the steps in this guide.

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