What Happened to Jenna Marbles 2023?

What Happened to Jenna Marbles 2024?

what happened to jenna marbles

What Happened to Jenna Marbles?

What Happened to Jenna Marbles 2023? A photo of former YouTuber Jenna Marbles posing with a fan has gone viral, marking the first time she’s been seen since leaving the platform and its 20 million subscribers in 2020.

After admitting to posting offensive content on YouTube, Marbles has taken a break from the video-sharing platform and deactivated her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

What Happened to Jenna Marbles?

At one point in YouTube history, Jenna Marbles was one of its most beloved personalities. At her peak, she boasted 20 million subscribers and her wholesome videos were popular with many viewers. Nevertheless, some people found some errors throughout her career to be offensive.

Over time, however, Marbles began to evolve. She stopped posting racially insensitive skits and created more relatable content that helped her fans cope with their issues. While some described her as an “unproblematic queen,” she wasn’t perfect and often apologized for past errors.

Although she hasn’t been active on her YouTube channel since 2020, Marbles still has a large fan base with whom she occasionally interacts. In fact, she once sent a care package to someone fighting cancer who recently passed away.

At her departure from YouTube, Marbles stated that she wanted to focus on her real life. She stated that having more time for herself and her family had become too overwhelming, and creating new videos no longer brought joy into her life.

Though she hasn’t posted a new video to her YouTube channel in over two years, Marbles still has fans who follow her on Twitter and Instagram. A recent photo of Marbles with her significant other Julien Solomita has given fans hope that she may return to the platform soon.

On July 2020, a photo posted online went viral with thousands of comments and retweets. Some expressed worry that it might invade Marbles’ privacy; others were overjoyed that she was doing well.

Solomita and Marbles occasionally post videos of their foster greyhounds on social media. In April, they announced their engagement to one another via video.

Soon after, they tied the knot in November and began sharing their love story on social media channels. Nowadays, they’re happily married with two dogs by their side.

Marbles and Solomita have been a beloved couple among their followers for nine years, sharing an adorable pup named Peaches.

The couple is renowned for their humorous yet inspiring vlogs, many of which have garnered over one million views each. Recently they made headlines when an alleged stalker broke into their home.

TMZ reports that Marbles and Solomita were at home when the incident occurred, with Solomita pepper-spraying the woman after she showed up twice on Monday. The victim has yet to be identified but was taken to the hospital after being attacked; she will now face charges of felony stalking.

Marbles is a beloved creator and has millions of subscribers waiting for her return. We can only hope that soon she’ll be back and we can all enjoy her hilarious content once again!

Why Did Jenna Marbles Quit YouTube?

Jenna Marbles (Jenna Mourey) is one of YouTube’s most beloved stars with over 20 million subscribers and 1.6 billion views. Recently though, her career took an unexpected turn when she announced that she would be leaving YouTube permanently due to several old videos which offended many viewers.

She has been accused of wearing blackface in a video, making racist jokes about Asian men and slut-shaming women. Additionally, she created other content which may be considered insensitive such as mocking Nicki Minaj in one video.

Her decision to leave YouTube came after an overwhelming amount of negative feedback from fans, prompting her to post a video apologizing for any past videos and explaining that this was why she was leaving the platform.

In her apology, she acknowledged her errors were not only embarrassing but also damaging to both her reputation and future as a YouTuber. She declared she did not want to create content which could cause harm and had decided that going offline was the best course of action in order to do so.

It remains uncertain whether she will return to YouTube or create other types of content in the future. No matter her decision, it’s evident that she has grown as both a person and creator. She now has an assistant named Julien Solomita who appears in her videos and assists with shooting them.

Though she has made many changes since her days on YouTube, she still enjoys a large following and an enormous fan base. In fact, she is one of the most popular YouTubers worldwide with over 20.2 million followers and an estimated net worth of $8 million.

Jenna Marbles is an accomplished creator, but she has a history of doing things that are insensitive and hurtful to people. She was accused of doing blackface in a video meant to be humorous, as well as making videos racially offensive towards Asian people.

Her apology for these videos stood out from other videos on the platform because it was incredibly honest and demonstrated her regret for her mistakes. She stressed that she hadn’t made these errors out of frustration or insensitivity, but rather out of frustration and confusion.

She explained that many of her previous videos had been hidden or deleted due to their offensive content. Furthermore, she acknowledged her racial stereotypes and jokes were meant to be amusing, not taken seriously – something which never crossed her mind.

At the end of her video, she expressed uncertainty as to when or if she would ever return to YouTube and that she simply wanted to take a step away. It was an incredibly heartbreaking moment as she showed how deeply disappointed she felt about leaving the platform.

What Happened to Jenna Marbles After Quitting YouTube?

Jenna Mourey, popularly known as “Jenna Marbles” on YouTube, became one of the biggest stars when her video “How to Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking” went viral in 2010. With just five million views in its first week alone, this clip quickly went viral.

Her videos were light-hearted, funny and often self-deprecating. She did skits, cooked for herself and her dogs, among other activities. Through the years, she built up an adoring fan base who always stood by her side.

Marbles was a huge success on YouTube, but she also faced controversy. A number of her videos, including one that was deemed racist, were taken down from the platform.

In 2020, she shut down her YouTube channel after facing backlash for past offensive videos. Although many of these were deleted or hidden, some remain online.

Since her departure, Julien Solomita has not posted any new content to her YouTube or TikTok channels.

Fans have mixed opinions about her departure from YouTube, believing that she should still be vlogging. Nonetheless, they remain hopeful that she will return in the future.

On Thursday, June 25, 2020, Marbles announced she would be discontinuing her YouTube channel for the time being. Additionally, she issued a public apology for some of her previous offensive videos and slut-shaming remarks.

Marbles apologized for a video that imitated Nicki Minaj in blackface, a music video that was racially insensitive to Asian people, and one which shamed women who slept around. Furthermore, she announced she would be making all of her old videos private.

Some fans were disappointed by Marbles’ announcement, while others praised her sincere approach to her videos and determination to hold herself accountable. Despite past errors, Marbles is determined to make better choices in the future.

Many could relate to her story, having made similar errors in the past. Some even shared their tales on social media to raise awareness about their struggles.

Internet user Marbles was determined that her actions would not negatively affect anyone else in the future. Although she felt overwhelmed with choices, she refused to let them define her.

Her decision to leave YouTube was a bold move, and many of her followers weren’t pleased. Some referred to it as an example of “cancel culture,” the phenomenon where celebrities or Internet personalities get canceled for controversial comments or behavior.

Although Marbles’ decision to leave YouTube may appear bold, it was the right one for her. Not only was she a successful YouTuber, but she also had millions of dedicated followers who eagerly followed along as she shared her insights on life. It would seem as if Marbles was taking an irresponsible risk in leaving, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth. https://www.youtube.com/embed/cmNRgglq4tQ

what happened to david dahmer

What Happened to David Dahmer?

David Dahmer is the younger brother of Jeffrey Dahmer and was born in 1966 to Lionel and Joyce Dahmer.

Growing up, the brothers had an intensely strained relationship. After their parents divorced in 1978, the elder boy was separated from his siblings and awarded custody by his mother.

Brian Masters’ 1993 biography The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer recounts how Joyce disobeyed court orders and took her son with her to Wisconsin where they settled.

He was born in 1966

David Dahmer was born on December 18th 1966 in Doylestown, Ohio to Lionel Dahmer and Joyce Dahmer. He currently resides with his family in Wisconsin with his parents.

He was born seven years after his older brother, Jeffrey. The age gap and their parents’ divorce had already begun to affect their relationship. Their mother – a hypochondriac – spent much of her time in bed suffering from depression.

She had also been known to engage in self-harm at times. When David was born, his parents separated into separate bedrooms of the house because his dad had been away at work a lot for work and her mother suffered from mental health issues.

As a toddler, David was an upbeat and energetic boy who loved toys and stuffed animals. But after having double hernia surgery, David began becoming increasingly quiet and reserved.

Early in his childhood, he formed an intense bond with Lee. He also kept a bowl of tadpoles but promptly killed them with motor oil.

He was a troubled child, often stealing things from stores and hiding them in his closet. He also spent time hanging out with some teenagers, dating one girl briefly for an undetermined amount of time.

His behavior was truly bizarre, and his grandmother once discovered a fully dressed male mannequin in his closet. Subsequently, he was arrested for masturbating in front of two boys.

However, he eventually changed his name and settled down to live a normal life. In fact, he graduated from the University of Cincinnati.

He is still alive in 2022, with an established career. Unfortunately, he has since withdrawn from public life following his brother’s horrific crimes. When not working, he pursues entrepreneurial endeavors. We look forward to learning more about this fascinating character over time; we will update this article as more details become available.

He was separated from his brother in 1978

In 1978, when serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s parents divorced, younger brother David was left to fend for himself. With a seven year age gap separating them, little time was spent together as siblings.

According to Today magazine, during their separation Joyce took David back home to Wisconsin where her family lived while Jeffrey stayed with his dad. This caused the siblings to have a strained relationship.

Brian Masters’ 1993 biography of the Dahmer family noted that David could see how troubled his older brother had become even at a young age. He witnessed him burying dead animals in a graveyard and felt it to be “doing a good service,” as David put it.

Though the Dahmer brothers had a difficult childhood, their relationships with one another deepened over time. In 2004, Lionel and Shari Dahmer gave an update about their son on Larry King Live, affirming his happiness and success in life. Additionally, they disclosed that David had changed his name and wanted his identity kept private – with promises of lifetime respect between them.

Though it may seem odd that the little brother of a notorious criminal would want to conceal their actions, close relatives often break away from any connections once their family’s reputation is damaged. This is especially true after someone close to them is accused of committing horrific murders.

In 1978, their parents divorced and the Dahmer brothers were separated. Jeffrey, then still in high school, and David at 12 were the older sons.

Once their parents had decided to divorce, the two battled over who would get custody of their younger son. In the end, Jeffrey emerged victor.

After one year of separation, he committed his first murder: killing 18-year-old hitchhiker Steven Hicks in their home.

Jeffrey Dahmer was responsible for the deaths of seventeen people and dismembering them. His crimes included sexual intercourse with corpses, cannibalism, and preserving body parts of victims.

The younger Dahmer brother has always remained a mystery. He changed his name to distance himself from his famous brother and has never spoken about or attempted to contact him since his arrest, even failing to appear for any court hearings or trials – an apparent attempt by The Cinemaholic to “cut all ties” with him.

He killed 17 people

Dahmer was a serial killer who preyed upon gay men and teenagers by offering them money or sex in exchange for his apartment. Once there, he strangled them, dismembered their bodies, then disposed of any remains while taking photos of the remains.

He first killed his victim in June 1978, when he picked up a hitchhiker and brought him to his parents’ home in Bath Township, Ohio. Once drunk, he strangled and dismembered the man before burying his remains behind the house. Later, he exhumed the body, crushed it, and scattered its fragments across a wooded ravine.

In 1990, he took the lives of four men in just six months at his apartment in Milwaukee. Additionally, he practiced what he called his “drilling technique,” in which he drills holes through victims’ skulls to inject hydrochloric acid into their brains.

His most infamous crime, however, was the 1991 murder of Errol Lindsey at 19 years old – whom Dahmer first practiced his drilling method on. After making him unconscious with sedatives, Dahmer drilled holes in his skull before strangling him to death.

One month after Errol’s murder, he returned to practice with Errol’s brother Ernest Miller. This time, he drilled holes into the skull of the young man and injected boiling water into his brain, ultimately killing him.

Dahmer then dismembered and buried the corpse, leading his grandmother to become extremely angry with him for his frequent visits. She ordered him out within days for being such a nuisance.

The FBI documented Dahmer’s crimes with graphic detail, showing pictures of dismembered bodies, skeletal remains, knives and photos. Police also stumbled upon a barrel of acid intended to dissolve the bodies but preserve their bones and other evidence.

He was eventually arrested and charged with 15 counts of first-degree murder during a 1992 trial, and sentenced to 15 consecutive life terms. He was sent to Columbia Correctional Institution in Wisconsin where he adjusted well to prison life until being tragically killed by another prison inmate in 1994.

He changed his name

At 18 years old, David Dahmer made the decision to change his name and live in anonymity after learning of the horrific murders of his older brother Jeffrey Dahmer. Like Adolf Hitler’s nephew, Charles Manson’s son, and other pariahs or villains who go underground when their family names become associated with disgrace or infamy, David chose to live life in secret so as not to become the target of public shame for his brother’s crimes.

He was raised in Doylestown, Ohio with his parents Lionel and Joyce Dahmer. Their relationship was troubled; their mother suffered from depression and episodes of hypochondria.

David dahmer’s teacher at his elementary school noticed that he was becoming increasingly quiet and shy, a sign that his parents had neglected him. Ultimately, David moved in with his mother.

At the age of fourteen, David dahmer began witnessing his older brother doing things he found repulsive. According to Brian Masters’ 1993 biography “The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer,” he saw him conduct an animal dissection and bury its remains; additionally, he witnessed crimes such as sexual intercourse with corpses and cannibalism.

In 1978, David Dahmer’s parents divorced and his sister Joyce took him to Wisconsin. Though legally married, there was a custody battle that left his mother uncertain as to what should become of her son.

After one year with Joyce, David dahmer began killing people. In 1978 he killed 17 people and continued to commit more murders until 1991.

His first victim was 52 year old Tracy Edwards, who succumbed in a hospital.

Before being caught and sent to prison, david dahmer changed his name and ran away. After graduating from the University of Cincinnati in 1991, david dahmer attempted to remain out of the public eye by avoiding being photographed at any court-related appearances.

He made this decision for himself and to maintain his privacy. We can understand why; it was the right thing to do. https://www.youtube.com/embed/1q1a-hv4SOk

what happened to apple watts

What Happened to Apple Watts?

Apple Watts was involved in a car accident earlier this year that has left her hospitalized. She sustained serious injuries such as a broken arm, fractured spine and fractured skull.

She was driving along Interstate 15 in Baker, California when her black Mercedes flipped multiple times and burst into flames. Luckily, her passenger pulled her to safety and she was airlifted to Las Vegas for medical treatment.

What Happened To Apple Watts?

Apple Watts, a former Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star, was involved in an horrific car accident early Wednesday morning. The 36-year-old suffered major injuries when her black Mercedes was involved in a crash with a Ford F250 pickup truck on I-15 between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. According to California Highway Patrol, the two vehicles collided and flipped multiple times before Watts was pulled to safety by her passenger inside of the pickup truck.

She was airlifted to University Medical Center in Las Vegas and is currently receiving treatment there. Law enforcement are still investigating the accident, though it appears there was no alcohol or drugs involved.

Jontelle Lafaye Watts, commonly referred to as Apple Watts on social media platforms, is a reality television personality and singer. She has featured in multiple music videos such as those for Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, and Ty Dolla $ign.

In 2018, she made an appearance on season five of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. The show chronicled her life, from stripping to breaking into music industry.

She has received widespread adoration from her fans for displaying her true personality on the series. Additionally, she has achieved success as a model, dancer and rapper.

She has become a social media influencer and garnered much attention for her direct, to-the-point style. In fact, she boasts over one million followers on Instagram alone!

Watts may have gained notoriety on social media, but she remains humble and down to earth. Her family and friends are always there for her support, making sure she always feels taken care of.

Unfortunately, her life took an unfortunate turn when she was injured in an auto accident in March. She suffered from fractured skull, broken spine and shattered arm as well as a brain injury which is making it difficult for her to breathe on her own but receiving oxygen to aid with recovery.

Her sister Domonique Flournoy has provided an update on Domonique’s recovery progress, showing that the former Love & Hip Hop star is making progress. She shared a video update on Instagram which showed she is beginning to speak again and has improved her grammar.

Was Apple Under The Influence Of Alcohol Or Drugs?

Though we still do not know for certain what happened to Fiona Apple, her story will live on in memory for years to come. It has even sparked a movement called the “Free Fiona” campaign – an effort designed to educate, inform and inspire individuals of all ages to make a positive impact in their local communities. Specifically, this initiative seeks to provide youth from underserved areas with resources they need in order to achieve academic success as well as employment opportunities or meaningful jobs.

Apple has not disclosed how many of its employees are under the influence, but the company does have an extensive drug testing program in place for all employees and potential hires alike. The top of the line includes a high tech, high dollar testing lab that tests for various drug substances like alcohol and prescription medications. Furthermore, Apple strives to create an environment conducive to innovation and employee engagement.

Was Apple Injured In The Car Accident?

Apple Watts, 36 years old and former Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star, was involved in a car accident earlier this week. Her sister revealed that the exotic dancer turned rapper was traveling from Los Angeles to Las Vegas when her black Mercedes collided with a diesel truck on I-15.

California Highway Patrol reported her car had flipped multiple times and burst into flames, sending her flying from the vehicle. She was ejected from the vehicle and taken to a hospital in Las Vegas, where she is listed in critical condition with injuries including a broken spine, fractured skull, broken arm as well as other trauma from the incident. Her sister confirmed to them all of these injuries were sustained from this collision.

Apple is fighting for her life, and her family and fans are hoping she will recover from her injury soon. They’ve taken to social media to offer their support and prayers in hopes of a speedy recovery.

Dominique Flournoy, Apple’s sister who has been by her side during this trying time, provided an update on her health status. According to Dominique, Apple is slowly “coming back” from her terrifying accident.

After a terrifying crash in March, Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood actress Apple Watts has been fighting for her life in the hospital after being ejected from her vehicle and suffering multiple injuries from the incident. Her sister has kept fans updated on her condition, recently revealing that the reality star is making great progress during her recovery process.

However, much remains unknown about the crash. She was reportedly driving Northbound I-15 between Los Angeles and Las Vegas when her black Mercedes flipped multiple times and crashed into a Ford F250 pickup truck.

She was then ejected from the vehicle and fell to the pavement, where a passenger in the truck pulled her to safety. She was then life-flighted to University Medical Center in Las Vegas for further treatment.

Apple’s sister has been providing regular updates on her recovery, including how she is improving day by day. She even shared a video of herself speaking live to fans on Instagram where she discussed how she feels and assured them that Apple will soon “come back.”

What Happened To Apple Watts After The Accident?

Hollywood Star Apple Watts was involved in a serious car accident back in March while traveling from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Her car spun multiple times after colliding with a diesel truck, ejecting her from the vehicle.

In the crash, she suffered major injuries such as a broken spine, shattering arm and fractured skull. Luckily, the driver of a Ford pickup truck came to her rescue and life-flighted her to a hospital in Nevada for further treatment.

According to California Highway Patrol Officer Ramon Duran, Watts was driving northbound on I-15 between Los Angeles and Las Vegas when her black Mercedes crashed into a truck. As a result, her vehicle flipped multiple times and burst into flames.

Following her accident, Watts was taken to University Medical Center in Las Vegas and remains there. Her sister Dominique Flournoy posted updates on Instagram saying Watts is “unresponsive but stable” and will undergo surgery later this month to correct her right eye’s inability to close fully.

Doctors have confirmed that Apple Watts will likely be unable to perform most of her normal functions, such as walking and feeding herself, after she recovers from this accident. Her broken arm prevents her from performing these tasks while her broken spine makes it impossible for her to walk or stand normally.

Despite all that, she has worked hard to recover and is making progress. She has regained consciousness and the ability to speak, but the road ahead is long and healing will take time.

She is still undergoing physical therapy and has yet to return home. Her family has promised their support in her recovery journey and are keeping all her fans updated on her condition.

The family has created a GoFundMe page to assist the reality star with her rehabilitation expenses. These funds will cover medical bills, travel to and from the hospital, as well as covering daily living costs while she is in the facility. https://www.youtube.com/embed/6icwEe_GJMg

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