How to Make Newborn sleep at Night

Looking for a quick How to Make Newborn sleep at Night? Here are 13 home remedies that work. Sure, they’re not perfect, but they should help you find something that will work. And if none of these options work for your child, consult with your doctor.

How to Make Newborn sleep at Night Help

I’m a mom of two beautiful daughters who share a room together and sleep all night. I spend every evening after the girls go to bed with my husband (and business partner), Chad, and enjoy going on monthly date nights! I start every morning just the way I like it: quiet time, coffee, and calm. Before I began this consulting journey that has helped thousands of families resolve exhausting sleep habits, I was a fifth grade science teacher! Now I teach YOU how to make sleep a thing!

Evening: It’s also really nice to get outside as the sun is a setting lower in the sky. This triggers our body to produce melatonin. Now, unless your child has autism (which actually has now been proven that children with autism do have lower levels of melatonin), or a medical condition, it’s more rare that your child has deficient levels of melatonin. We all produce melatonin. It kicks in at the end of the day when the sun goes low in the sky. What we want to be able to do is get your little one outside. Next, maybe you come in for dinner or you come in for bedtime routine, let’s now block off the sun. Especially in the summertime when the sun is up until 9:00 p.m. This is nice to be able to come in, close the curtains, close the blinds, shield the sun, now let’s get ready for bed! You might even want to consider dimming the lights during bedtime routine, which can also help cue your child for sleep. (Source:

Best Way to Get Newborn to Sleep

Parents can help to create a calm space for their children by minimising sound and dimming lights – although soft light music has also been said to help infant insomnia. Getting your baby accustomed to a bedtime routine can be helpful in the long run and wind-down time can be useful to help your baby relax before bed.

Carry/wear your baby. Nothing is more soothing for baby than being held close to mom or dad. Consequently, most newborns sleep best when they are in mom’s or dad’s arms, or held snugly in a baby sling. This is especially true for colicky babies – baby wearing is a great way to soothe colic! Remember that holding your baby, or wearing her around the house, certainly are not permanent sleep solutions. Rather, these are short-term strategies that will help maximize your baby’s (and your) sleep during those first few months after birth. (Source:

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