How to Untangle Matted Hair Without Breakage And Damage

How to Untangle Matted Hair

Hair can be a pretty complex part of the human body when it need special care and attention. If you have thin, brittle hair, you may be able to improve the texture and quality of your hair with natural ingredients found in your kitchen and in your bathroom. That said, there are many home remedies that can help tidy up your tresses, while also keeping it natural. So let’s explore the top three at-home remedies that have helped a lot of people so far.

How to Untangle Hair Care

When hair has lots of knots in it that seem impossible to undo, it is much more easily damaged and broken, even causing quite a lot to fall out. Plus, it makes it hard to achieve any sophisticated hairstyles such as braided ones. If you have to deal with big tangles in your hair every day you will need to pay more attention to hydration and try to increase hair care. In the following OneHowTo article we show how to detangle your hair with home remedies that will make styling easier and enjoyable. Do not miss it!

Tangles usually occur when you don’t take care of your hair, or your hair has been subjected to excessive damage. This can happen to your hair naturally, or because of the use of cosmetic products or devices like blow dryers and straighteners, which tend to dry out your hair and strip them of their natural oils, which lead to tangles when you are coming. You can also get knots because of foreign substances getting stuck in your hair, which needs to be removed effectively. (Source:

Untangle Hair Oil

Home detangling lotion. There is no need to resort to commercial detangling sprays to undo the difficult knots in your hair, now you can prepare your own at home within minutes. You just need to mix half a cup of water with a teaspoon of your usual conditioner and add, if you like, a few drops of some natural oil that is beneficial for hair, such as olive oil, argan oil or jojoba oil. So in addition to helping to untangle it, it will serve to moisturize it and make it look nicer when you style it.

Avocado and olive oil. If in addition to being full of tangles your hair suffers from dryness and a lack of hydration, the following hair mask is excellent for you, uniting two of the most nutritious natural ingredients for hair: avocado and olive oil. How to prepare it? Very easy! Remove the pulp of a ripe avocado, mash it up with a fork and add a tablespoon of olive oil. Evenly apply the resulting paste to wet hair, leave on for 30 minutes and wash out with lukewarm water. (Source:

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