Leg Pain Home Remedies in Kannada

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Quick Exercise Leg Pain Home Remedies

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is a circulatory problem that reduces blood flow to your limbs due to narrowed arteries. This condition most commonly affects the lower limbs or legs. The narrowing can be caused by deposits of cholesterol onto the artery’s inner walls, causing its lumen to become smaller. This can be an indication of unhealthy arteries, which can lead to other cardiovascular illnesses if left untreated.

Home Remedies For Leg Cramps

Leg and joint pain are quite common during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. The cause for this pain is a combination of increased weight, biomechanics, and a change in your body’s shape. Another type of leg pain that becomes more frequent during pregnancy is cramping of the leg, especially when asleep. Although the exact reason for the increase in frequency of these leg cramps during pregnancy is unknown, it may have something to do with changes in blood circulation around the body as the leg’s blood vessels and nerves undergo stress during this time. Another reason may be increased body weight that exerts more pressure on your legs. Some doctors have suggested that low levels of calcium during pregnancy is another cause for these cramps. (Source: www.medcare.ae)


The common cold, including chest cold and head cold, and seasonal flu are caused by viruses. Use over-the-counter cold medications to relieve symptoms including sore throat, runny nose, congestion, and cough. Flu symptoms are similar, but include fever, headache and muscle soreness. See a doctor who may prescribe antiviral medications Relenza or Tamiflu.

Knee pain is a common complaint among people of all age groups. Whether it is due to an injury or some underlying medical condition, knee pain can interfere with your daily activities. For some, it can turn into a life long issue. No matter how severe your condition is, there are some home remedies which can prove to be helpful in providing relief from bad knee pain: (Source: timesofindia.indiatimes.com)

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