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Reversing Grey Hair Naturally

There are many reversing grey hair naturally and many other ways of treating this problem. But the main cause is that our scalp is getting overworked and is not getting enough blood flow. The color of our hair may go away due to this.

Grey Hair

Premature greying is one of the maladies of modern lifestyle. Those dreaded streaks of silver and white pop up even when you are in your 20s. And, the only option you are left with is to look for foolproof home remedies to turn your grey hair into black. They may say that greying is a sign of wisdom and maturity, but it also tells you that your body is not producing enough melamine, which is an early sign of aging.

Other than using the above mentioned natural remedies for grey hair you can also make natural hair dye at home with the help of various herbs. These are a safer alternative to chemical dye but that also means they won’t lighten or darken hair in one session, you have to repeat the dyeing process several times to get the desired result. Here are a few natural hair dye recipes. (Source: www.bebeautiful.in)


The foundation for healthy hair is a healthy scalp. Scalp health is determined by a number of elements such as the pH levels, oil production, blood circulation to the scalp, and follicle health. When your scalp becomes dry, the sebaceous glands start over-performing, making your scalp more oily than necessary. The excess oil clogs hair follicles, causes itching, dandruff and hair fall. Vitamin E helps by providing moisture and soothing the oil glands, rebalancing the various elements, ensuring that the scalp is revived and hair grows out healthy and strong.

Who doesn’t enjoy being pampered with beautifully coloured, blow-dried and styled hair! The side-effect is, of course, undesirable split ends. It’s easy to simultaneously pamper your scalp and hair with deep oil conditioning massages that help to repair hair cuticles, and mend split ends. Take equal measures of olive oil, coconut oil, vitamin E oil, and any other oil you have – like hemp oil – mix them together and use for massage with hot oil in order to nourish the scalp. Gently rub it into split ends in to seal them, and prevent further splits. (Source: www.urbancompany.com)

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